Accommodation Registration

Section 1 - Driver Information

I certify that the answers and information given, to my knowledge are correct, and undertake to notify Valletta Grand Prix Foundation should any changes be made.

Section 2 - Booking Form

The Foreign Driver Package contains the following items with their respective cost for 2 Persons. If you would like to add more to this package - (increase hotel nights etc.), you may rightly do so by adjusting the details in the form below.

5 Hotel Nights
5 Meals
2 polo shirts
2 VIP passes
GP fee
Airport transfer
Extra expenses

Total cost for Fixed Package - €2365
(This price is subject to change in case of additional items)

Airport Transfer


Additional Comments

By submitting this application, the applicant acknowledges and accepts that:

1. Malta Classic has an absolute right to refuse entry of any participant / vehicle upon providing a full refund of the entry fee prior to sending formal acceptance of the application to the applicant. Any other expenses incurred by the applicant prior to formal acceptance of the application by the Malta Classic shall be at the risk of the applicant. Acceptance of application shall be deemed to be complete upon formal acceptance of application being sent by Malta Classic and online payment in itself shall not be deemed to be an acceptance of the application.

2. In the event that the applicant provides false or incorrect information on the application form or makes any unauthorised changes before, during or after the scrutineering process, the applicant shall be disqualified and shall forfeit the entry fee. Malta Classic shall not be responsible for any other expenses incurred by the applicant.

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