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Malta Classic welcomes car enthusiasts, visitors and families to our historic island to discover some of the world’s most elegant and sought-after classic cars. Malta Classic 2019 will take place over four-days comprising three exhilarating events: the Malta Classic Hill Climb, the Malta Classic Concours d’Elegance by Mdina Glass, and the Malta Classic Grand Prix.

Over 70 pre-1976 cars participated in the 2018 Malta Classic, including some genuinely unique vehicles. Participants travelled from around Europe to take part and we look forward to seeing more beautiful classics in 2019.

The Malta Classic has its origins in October 2007, when French entrepreneur and classic car enthusiast Thierry Giovannoni organised Malta’s first ever Classic Car Grand Prix on the ring road of Valletta, bringing some of Europe’s finest classic cars to Malta to tour the island and race wheel to wheel on the Valletta circuit. In April 2009 enthusiasts brought together by this event set up the Valletta Grand Prix Foundation to carry on what Giovannoni had started. In 2011 the Malta Classic was transferred to its current home in Mdina, where it celebrates vintage style and speed against an historic backdrop.


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